Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Visitors in the Caribbean: Part II

            In my last post, I covered our experiences at Fish Friday in Gouyave, wherein Ivan, his parents and I survived the harrowing bus ride and mediocre fried seafood and even managed to peel away from the event a number of unique (if not always positive) experiences.  I can’t say that I intend to go to Fish Friday again, but since it was on my Grenada Bucket List, as it were, I’m happy we went.
            Following our disappointing first lobster experience on the island, we took a friend’s advice and tried again that weekend at the restaurant, De Big Fish.  There, Ivan and Larry both ordered the lobster Thermidor.  Full disclosure here: I’ve only had lobster a handful of times in my life, but if I never eat another lobster again, at least I will have nothing to compare to the best seafood I’ve ever eaten.  If you need a reason to fly to Grenada, here it is: lobster Thermidor at De Big Fish.  Forget the beaches, the spices, the chocolate, the monkeys, the mangoes; just come to this island and absolutely ruin your appreciation for every inferior seafood you’ve ever eaten with a single bite of intoxicatingly rich and tender lobster.
            In keeping with my previous post’s organization:

Division Two

            After a couple days of seaside relaxation and a free brunch at the school, we were ready for our full-day island tour on Monday.  Originally when I had called the taxi driver, I only requested that we be taken to Belmont Estate (the cocoa plantation) and Rivers Antoine Rum Distillery.  When we got in the taxi, though, it was immediately apparent that Leslie (our driver) intended to take us to various landmarks and attractions outside of my specific request.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Visitors in the Caribbean: Part I

            As I reported in my previous post, Ivan’s parents had their vacation right here in Grenada.  Their flight arrived on the evening of February 5th and their stay extended right up until the morning of Valentine’s Day.  Since their departure, we’ve received notice of their safe arrival back home and belated Valentine’s Day dinner at The Cheesecake Factory (of which I am seething with jealousy).
            If you’re anything of an avid reader—or as I presume, more accurately, a skimmer—of mine, you know that I am hopelessly incapable of abridging any of my mundane experiences, let alone happenings that I consider exciting, captivating or, at the very least, noteworthy.  Submitting to my wont to drone on and on at the expense of my waning enthusiasts, I’ve decided to just go ahead and divide our recent adventures into more than one blog post.

Division One

            Vicki and Larry stayed at the Flamboyant, a resort that caps the western point of Grand Anse beach.  The location was ideal, providing immediate access to one of the world’s most beautiful beaches and just a short walk from restaurants, the Spiceland Mall and the SGU Grand Anse bus stop.  From their balcony, Vicki and Larry had a (somewhat) uninterrupted view of the turquoise Caribbean waters cradled by the mountainous green island and the constant flow of tourist-laden cruise ships porting in St. George.  During the day, the orange-roofed buildings around the Carenage harbor were as visible as the blinking lights of returning yachts in the evening.  Were it not for the series of thick, black electric cables running just above the balcony, the view would have been perfect.  
Vicki and Larry during our campus tour

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Quality Time: Celebrations and Strays

            My last post was two weeks ago and already Ivan has had his midterms!  Third term really is as brief as everyone made it out to be; even more so, perhaps, due to our apprehension at what’s to follow—fourth term and the dreaded Pathology.  But that’s not worth worrying about now.  For the time being, we are enjoying the relaxing weeks we can spend together.
            This evening, Ivan’s parents will be flying in to spend their vacation here!  We already have most of our days planned out, and the remainder, I hope, will be spent just relaxing and enjoying the perfect weather, warm sea and amazing fruit.  They will be staying at the Flamboyant Resort along Grand Anse beach—a pretty ideal stretch of white sand and glassy water for a Caribbean vacation.  I’m disappointed they missed the sailing regatta last weekend, but they will be around for Grenada’s Independence Day.
            Since I anticipate being justifiably busy for the next couple weeks, I figured I’d throw together an update post before slipping off.

            I hate to sound like a broken record, but I really am loving having Ivan around so much.  I know I shouldn’t get too comfortable; still, fourth term’s demands will probably come as a shock.  Last week, we watched movies together—as in, simultaneously, without my having to wear headphones as to not disturb the studious hubby.  There was even popcorn to be had!  Three nights in a row we watched a movie, and thus finished the most recent 007 series, wherein the role of James Bond was played by one Daniel Craig (insert suggestive whistle).
            We had enough free time to go on a hash last weekend.  Read: we ran, tripped and tumbled four miles through a tropical forest and up a rocky river.  We ended the hash sharing oil down (the national dish) with a stray dog and sharing beers with a couple new friends.  It was, as all good hashes are, moderately muddy; so there was a line for a hose to clean off before leaving for the evening.  While waiting, I actually caught myself shivering.  What I’ve forgotten in a year is that the dry season is considerably cooler than the wet, particularly in the early morning and evening.  During the dry season months, Grenada plays host to the brisk trade winds and when the sun is not beating you into submission, the air actually gets a little nippy.  So there I was, in the Caribbean, twelve degrees north of the equator, shivering.