Saturday, December 31, 2011

I Don't Think We're In Kansas Anymore...

…but I can’t be 100% sure. I’ve never actually been to Kansas, truthfully. If I were to guess, though, I’d probably elect to believe that at 6:17 this morning, I arrived in the tropical island of Grenada.

We (Ivan and I) opted for the red-eye flight, dooming ourselves to a fitful night of interrupted napping on a crowded, lumbering and jostling jet. When we finally arrived at the crack of dawn, we were overdressed for the balmy climate, and too bogged down with bursting-at-the-seams carry-ons to assert ourselves in the line for customs. So we waited and shuffled along at the end of the line, way too sleepy to care. Between head-nods, we managed to claim our luggage, pay duty and stumble out of the airport.

Outside I woke immediately to the brilliant surrounding vegetation. Having just left a slush-filled greying city, I was astounded. How had I never visited the Caribbean before? To make things even better, our new landlord was there to pick us up and take us to our new home!

Our new home: I don’t hesitate to call this a home because, beyond the intents and purposes of a dorm room, this apartment is a home. Simply put. It’s big, first and foremost. There are 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, full kitchen and living room. There is a full size bar for meals and a wraparound balcony. The home is fully furnished and comfortable. What more could I ask for?