Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Let the Second Term Begin.

Ivan’s first two classes, Parasitology and Community & Preventative Medicine, began one week ago.  They’re both two week courses; so Ivan will be taking his finals next week.  Only after this first series of finals do his core classes begin (Genetics, Neuroscience, Immunology, and Physiology).  As was the case last term, I am picking up little bits of Ivan’s subject matter and my periphery has been clouded with tapeworms, hookworms, roundworms, tsetse flies, sand flies, biting, blood-sucking, burrowing, suctioning, siphoning, oozing, pulsing, poisonous …

            Despite all nouns, verbs and adjectives disgusting, I still manage to cook a decent meal for the two of us, and happily eat it.  Aside from IGA—the most frequented grocer for students—we also visit a market called Ali’s Meat and Fresh Vegetable Market.  It’s just up the road from a little fruit stall we also like to visit, so it’s a two-birds-one-stone kind of errand for us.
Ali's storefront right along Maurice Bishop highway--walking distance from the first roundabout after leaving SGU, or a bus stop off of the Frequente/Point Saline bus. Hours: M-S 8-9 and Sun 8-2 (439-4300 or 405-2140)
The Maurice Bishop highway--first roundabout from SGU
Cleaning supplies and household items in Ali's
The non-speed limit near Ali's

Toiletries and dried goods

Fruit and vegetables
Some prices for meats offered. Mince Beef (ground beef) is $16 per pound at IGA
One of the two freezers, mostly stocked with chicken breasts.

            Last weekend Ali’s had not only the seasoning peppers we enjoy so much, but also small bags labeled generically “hot pepper.”  One kind of hot pepper is grown in Grenada: Scotch Bonnets.  With a scorching Scoville (spiciness) Rating of 100,000-350,000, Scotch Bonnets are in the habanero league of heat intensity.  Of course I knew I was handling a lethal piece of Grenada’s home-grown goodness when I pulled one out of the bag and minced it up for my pico de gallo, but that didn’t stop me from popping a wee bit in my mouth.  First impressions: $#*% that’s #+¢$ing HOT!  In the wake of my cursing, though, I had to admit, the pepper had surprisingly good flavor under all that heat.  Unfortunately, I made the A-number-one biggest mistake when chopping super dooper hot peppers: no gloves.
Almost identical to the mild seasoning peppers on the island
Pico de gallo!

Seeds for Ivan to plant since his avocado tree didn't survive the summer


            Sunday was the school bazaar.  I remember my experience on this day last term.  I believe we enjoyed ourselves very much, up until our walk back home when we got chased by a crazy cow.
            Tents were erected near the school’s main entrance and along the athletic field.  Restaurants vying for the students’ money clustered under circus-striped canopies, serving samples of their menus for $5 and $10 per mini-portion.  Mobile phone companies set up shop adjacent to the Internet provider.  Student-led organizations advertised themselves with hand-crafted posters and representatives sporting t-shirts bearing the respective logos.
Student organization tents

How Mr. IGA didn't have heat stroke, I don't know

Dusk over the tents

Clothing stall

A little full, I think

An oasis of complimentary drinks

            For entertainment, a steel drum band performed some familiar (and some obscure) tunes.  Another band wearing costumes perhaps meant to mimic aboriginal clothing played different drums, cymbals and a conch shell.  Later, they hosted a round of limbo.

            Thankfully, the three-hour event was cow free for Ivan and me.
            We’ve been making a habit of taking a walk around campus in the evening, mainly because SGU is really beautiful in the dark.  Shockingly enough, we haven’t had any issues with mosquitoes while strolling around.  In fact, we haven’t had issues with mosquitoes at all so far!  I’ve only been bit once while doing laundry.  Considering our experience last year, you can imagine how that makes us feel!  Moving on campus was the smart move on our part, despite the increase in cost.
Basketball courts in front of the student center
The Caribbean Sea
The library overlooking the sea

The Green Light Staircase

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